S-3000: Foldaway

S-3000: Foldaway

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  • 2 Panel Steel Tube Frame Design
  • Counterweight Balance Design
  • S-3000 Foldaway is suitable for high wind load, high security, and wide opening applications
  • Maximum Size's (Width – 90 feet / Height- 30 feet)
  • Accept wide assortment of cladding options including; glass up to 1″ thick, wood, metal, compostie, stone, etc.
  • Customize features include; site lines, hinge location, motorization, cladding, and much more.
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S-3000 Foldaway – Features:

  • From industrial to residential, Renlita Series 3000 has got you covered. Each system is designed and manufactured individually using precise mathematical calculations to achieve exact counterweight balance for safety, balance and appearance.
  • We customize each project and work in harmony with your design brief.
  • The Renlita Foldaway Series 3000 counterweight balanced system is designed for industrial/commercial and residential applications where minimum internal projection and external is required.
  • Little headroom is necessary for this type of system.
  • Accepts a wide range of cladding and/or glazing materials and come in many colors to suit your design brief.
  • When opening, the S-3000 folds along a central hinge and moves upward, coming to rest in horizontal configuration immediately below the lintel.
  • Dimensions vary according to the application and each system is individually designed.
  • Mathematical calculations are completed to ensure the it’s correctly balanced.
  • Wind loading can be a critical design factor especially in coastal or mountain zones. Unless otherwise specified, the S-3000 is designed to resist a minimum wind loading of 0.5 kPa.
  • This system suits high security and high wind load applications.