S-1000 : Floataway

S-1000 : Floataway

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  • Steel Frame Counterweight Balance Design
  • Suitable for openings up to 30' Wide and 20' Tall
  • Operated manually or motorized (depending on door size and weight)
  • Accepts a wide range of customization including site lines, cladding, and other special features
  • System is designed to meet clients design objective contact Renlita to discover the posibilities.
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S-1000 Floataway Features:

  • From industrial to residential, Renlita S-1000 has got you covered. Each system is designed and manufactured individually using precise mathematical calculations to achieve optimal balance for safety, performance and appearance.
  • Each project is customized by working in harmony with your design brief.
  • Little headroom is necessary for this type of system.
  • Customization can include flush mount to exterior, a wide range of cladding and/or glazing materials and finishes to suit your design brief.
  • When opening, the system tilts and travels upward coming to rest in horizontal configuration immediately below the lintel.
  • Dimensions vary according to the application and each system is individually designed. Mathematical calculations are completed to ensure it correctly ¬†balanced.
  • Wind loading can be a critical design factor especially in coastal or mountain zones. Unless otherwise specified the systems are designed to resist a minimum wind loading of 0.5 kPa.